About Us

AntioxiBoost Distributing was formed for the express purpose of distributing Greenfield SuperJuice in the United States. Previously SuperJuice was only available for purchase in Taiwan. But due to its impressive results and exceptional feedback from an ever-expanding customer base, demand for SuperJuice quickly spread internationally. AntioxiBoost Distributing, in trying to meet that demand in the US, was fortunate enough to acquire sole distributorship of SuperJuice for the entire American market.

Start Healing with Greenfield SuperJuice

Dear Readers,

Every doctor in the world already believes that most chronic conditions can be prevented or lessened by simply adopting a healthier diet. Functional Medicine merely takes it one step further by putting forth the notion that healthy eating can also HEAL; that adding an ideal combination of food to your diet can cultivate your body’s innate ability to slow, stop, and even reverse the progression of just about any chronic condition.

Imagine being able to access such an “ideal” combination of food (over 30 different organically-grown vegetables, fruits and botanicals) every single day, and then being able to efficiently absorb every last iota of its nutrients and proteolytic enzymes because everything has already been predigested for you through fermentation. On top of that, imagine having a well-balanced gut microbiota operating in perfect equilibrium, symbiotically assisting your body with immune system functions, detoxification, inflammation-management and nutrient production/absorption. Can you picture your health improving under these ideal conditions?

This is the power of Greenfield SuperJuice. Although SuperJuice is being imported here as just an ordinary juice, its real-world health benefits are nothing less than extraordinary. It’s actually the perfect complement to the core tenets of Functional Medicine. And in working within that philosophical framework, SuperJuice can yield some pretty miraculous results.

As soon as I tried the SuperJuice regimen for myself, I became a true believer of its healing properties; it literally rid me of the arthritic knee pains I’d been suffering from for over 3 years. The elation I felt from no longer having to experience those minor aches in my knees triggered a newfound empathy in me for others who suffer from far worse chronic diseases and ailments. As a result, what started off as just another business opportunity for me quickly evolved into somewhat of a personal mission to help ease the suffering of others with a product I consider to be an absolute godsend.


To be clear, I am NOT claiming SuperJuice to be some miracle cure for anyone with any chronic condition, simply because each person is born with a unique set of genes and is subject to different environmental exposures such as stress, toxins, and even poor diet.

In some people, specific genes can naturally increase inflammation, and they can further raise one’s risk for developing diseases rooted in inflammation.

What I AM claiming, however, is that SuperJuice has already improved the quality of life of thousands who suffer from chronic conditions in Taiwan. And in the recent months since we’ve begun importing it to this side of the Pacific, SuperJuice has already helped a number of our early customers in their recoveries from such chronic diseases as rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol, severe toddler eczema, hemiparesis (paralysis from stroke), lung cancer, stage 4 throat cancer, hypothyroidism, and Parkinson’s disease.

Before concluding, I would like to leave you with this encouraging sentiment from Dr. Myers:

[G]enetics does account for about 25 percent of the chance that you will develop a [chronic condition]. But that means the remaining 75 percent of the picture is environmental—and therefore up to you...

So don’t become a prisoner of your genetics. Whatever genes you were born with, you have the power to manage your body’s response to [chronic diseases]—and the power to create a happy, healthy life.

I wish you all good health!

Howie Leang