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Redefining Leaky Gut Syndrome

While Functional Medicine uses the term “leaky gut” or "intestinal permeability" to describe a condition where micro levels of toxins leak through intestinal linings and directly into the bloodstream to cause a multitude of health symptoms, Anthony William redefines it as ammonia permeability.

If your hydrochloric acid levels have become low, however, your food won’t be sufficiently digested in your stomach…When the proteins reach your lower intestines, they won’t be broken down enough for your cells to access their nutrients, and instead the food will just lie there and rot. This is called gut rot—putrefaction that creates ammonia gas…

[T]his toxic gas has the ability to float, ghost-like, out of your intestines and directly into your bloodstream. This is what’s called ammonia permeability.

It’s the ammonia gas that creates most of the havoc associated with leaky gut syndrome…

So instead of toxins and bacteria leaking out of your intestines, it is ammonia gas that is drifting into the bloodstream which results in gut symptoms such as bloating, digestive discomfort and chronic dehydration, or even malaise, fatigue, skin problems, restless sleep and anxiety.

Ammonia Permeability

And it must be said that many of the chronic diseases and autoimmune disorders that Functional Medicine currently attributes to leaky gut, Anthony William actually blames on the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), more specifically the 60+ variations of the virus (medical science has only confirmed the existence of a single version of EBV to date).

How Heavy Metal Toxicity Contributes to Disease

Toxic heavy metals are poisonous, and if they begin to oxidize, their chemical runoff will mutate and damage whatever cells are nearby. However, the biggest issue with heavy metals is that they’re prime food for bad bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and worms…When these pathogens consume the toxic heavy metals, they release a neurotoxic gas that attaches itself to the ammonia gas and travels through the intestinal lining…The ammonia permeability makes it possible for the toxic gas to get through the intestinal lining.

[These pathogens also] release poisons in your gut directly via neurotoxins they produce, and indirectly via their waste and toxic corpses. This is how most people develop illnesses and disorders such as IBS, Crohn’s disease…and colitis…

Genesis of Chronic Diseases and Ailments

The final section of your small intestine, called the ileum, is where the vitamin B12 most recognized by the brain is produced and absorbed. It’s also where methylation occurs in your body.

Virtually everyone in the US is dealing with a B12 deficiency and/or a methylation issue…

Vitamin B12 Molecule

A B12 deficiency has been linked to several chronic conditions, as it is critical for proper brain and central nervous system functions. And methylation issues can prevent proper conversion and absorption of critical micronutrients and trace minerals.

You produce all the vitamin B12 you need when the ileum has abundant beneficial bacteria of a specific kind. Sufficient beneficial bacteria also make methylation strong, but everyone is short on these bacteria…

When you’re suffering from low hydrochloric acid, heavy metal toxicity, and/or ammonia permeability, a lot of the good bacteria throughout your gut are likely to die. This inflames the ileum, which has a number of negative consequences, such as severely weakening your immune system. It also makes your gut’s vitamin B12 production plummet or stop altogether.

Restoring the Gut Microbiota

The best way to achieve strong immune system functions, abundant B12 production, and proper methylation cycle is by taking steps to restore the gut microbiota’s normal levels of this special beneficial bacteria.

Cultured probiotics sitting on the shelves of the health food store or fermented foods that claim to have beneficial bacteria aren’t the answers here. Most, if not all, of these microorganisms will die in your stomach before they descend and reach the small intestine. And factory-produced probiotics never reach that last part of the small intestine, the ileum—which is the region that needs them the most.

There are probiotics that stay alive in the gut and are responsible for restoring the intestinal flora, including in the ileum…

The special probiotics that live on fruits and vegetables are what I call elevated microorganisms, or sometimes elevated biotics…Elevated microorganisms are the most gut-renewing option there is. They are the very microorganisms that the ileum harbors, and they create the B12 that the body, particularly the brain, most recognizes.

Rejuvenating gut flora with raw, organic, unwashed produce is how you truly restore gut health…

Restore Gut Microbiota with Elevated Biotics

How to Finally Heal

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In his book, Anthony William provides specific instructions on how to take full control over your health, such as detailed detoxification protocols, what foods to avoid, the most common ways we get exposed to environmental toxins, and even soul-healing techniques. He also recommends healing foods for certain chronic conditions, and he even goes on to list specific healing herbs and supplements that can further strengthen your immune system and aid your body in healing from those conditions.

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Drink Greenfield SuperJuice
Very few of us have access to raw, organic, and unwashed produce that’s coated with the elevated microorganisms that Anthony William is recommending. Fortunately, the producer of SuperJuice has pioneered a revolutionary fermentation process that is able to capture and preserve the very essence of these "elevated biotics."

A top source of elevated microorganisms is sprouts. Alfalfa, broccoli, clover, fenugreek, lentil, mustard, sunflower, kale, and other seeds like them, when sprouted, are living micro-gardens.

The Essential basis of Greenfield SuperJuice is, in large part, derived from the very sprouts that Anthony William has underscored in his book.


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