Restoring Balance with Fermented Food

Consistently reseeding your gut with healthy bacteria may be crucial for help in the prevention of virtually all disease, as well as from coughs, colds and flus; autoimmune disorders; psychiatric disturbances; and even cancer. The good news is that improving the health of your digestive system is a simple, straightforward process of achieving the right balance of good and bad gut bacteria. It’s a matter of moving the right bacteria, in the right amounts, into permanent residence in your digestive tract. And doing that is very nearly effortless: you avoid sugars, chlorinated water, and processed foods, and you eat more fermented foods.

A healthy gut acts like a fermentation tank inside you. Because so many people’s inner fermentation tanks are not populated with good bacteria, it is beneficial to consume fermented foods. “Fermented” really means that the food has already been digested by bacteria.

Long before probiotics became available in capsules from health food stores, people have enjoyed one form of fermented food or another…[T]here is no better way to consume a bevy of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli than to get them from wholly natural sources, which make them exceptionally bioavailable (easily accepted by the body).

Most high-quality probiotic supplements will supply you with only a fraction of the beneficial bacteria found in...fermented veggies…

Restoring Balance with Fermented Food


If the root of almost all chronic disease starts with an unhealthy gut, and fermented foods contain all the necessary nutrients and natural probiotics to heal the gut, why don’t we just eat more fermented food when we get sick? Dr. Myers explains why it’s not that simple:

Indeed, fermented foods are full of healthy bacteria, which makes them natural probiotics. They’re also full of the fiber and sugars that feed bacteria, which make them natural “prebiotics”—elements that feed and support your intestinal bacteria…

[Therefore] if you haven’t yet balanced your gut bacteria...fermented foods can actually feed the bad bacteria. In that case, rather than supporting your gut health, fermented foods can actually make it worse.

This is yet another one of life’s tragic ironies: to not be able to eat the very food that may best be equipped to heal us. In lieu of eating fermented foods, Functional Medicine has been recommending the next best thing: ingesting factory-produced probiotic capsules and powders that attempt to balance the gut microbiota without feeding the bad bacteria. While probiotic supplements might not be the most ideal solution, it has been the only viable option…that is until now.

Along comes Greenfield SuperJuice. The producer of SuperJuice has pioneered a revolutionary fermentation process that allows the consumer to reap all the nutritional and anti-inflammatory benefits of naturally fermented foods without the fear of feeding bad bacteria. This makes Greenfield SuperJuice the most ideal, all-natural alternative to factory-produced probiotics available for optimizing gut health.

Gut Health Revelations

It needs to be disclosed that another paradigm of gut health has surfaced recently which attempts to qualify some of the gut health precepts currently embraced by Functional Medicine. This new paradigm is introduced in the book Medical Medium by Anthony William.

Gut Health Revelations

While the Medical Medium himself is the first to admit that his revelations about the root causes of certain diseases and the inner workings of our digestive system are wholly unprovable by medical science to date, he remains steadfast in his pledge to help ease the suffering of humanity with his unique, God-given gift. By disseminating his medical revelations to interrupt what he sees as a constant flow of misinformation in this era of widespread chronic illness, Anthony William hopes to empower mankind to regain control of our health.

You are allowed to live a good life. You deserve to live a good life. A good life exists for you. And the foundation of a good life is good health. You deserve to heal, to tap into your body’s restorative mechanisms. You deserve to be happy and well.

If you care to learn more about his revelations on gut health, please click on the following link: I want to believe.

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