Greenfield SuperJuice


Greenfield SuperJuice is an FDA-approved, fermented juice blend that consists of 6 Functional Formulas. Each Functional Formula is comprised of over 30 different types of fruits and vegetables, including 13 kinds of sprouts. An unprecedented 6-12 year fermentation process “unlocks” an extraordinary spectrum of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, probiotics and proteolytic enzymes from each whole food ingredient. And the resulting product is delivered to you in its original, raw liquid form for maximum bioavailability.

> How is Greenfield SuperJuice made?

Conceived of and produced in the remote mountains of Taiwan, each ingredient has been painstakingly planted and cultivated using strictly organic and non-GMO farming methods, only after “zero pollution” in the ground soil had been confirmed. After harvest, all produce go through careful selection and purification before being fermented, skin, seeds and all. The revolutionary 3-stage fermentation process spans 6-12 years, where each type of vegetable, fruit and botanical is individually fermented using only brown sugar (no starter culture) and then allowed to age like wine. The entire fermentation process is 100% natural with zero additives, not even water.

> What makes the fermentation process so revolutionary?

During fermentation, bacterial growth is wild and uncontrolled, spurning as many strains as nature sees fit. Then, by design, the bacteria eventually die off once all the prebiotics in the fermentation have been consumed, leaving behind a rich brew of predigested nutrients and enzymes along with an abundance of elevated probiotic residue. This probiotic residue is made up of generations upon generations of bacterial cell membranes, metabolites and cell fractions that capture and preserve the very essence of the elevated microorganisms (special probiotics that live on fruits and vegetables) from whence they come. Each of the 30+ ingredients is allowed to fully develop its own unique probiotic signature BEFORE being combined with the other ingredients just prior to packaging.

> What makes Greenfield SuperJuice superior to all other health products?

SuperJuice is the only juice in existence that has been independently tested and certified to be 100% chemical-free by world-renown SGS Food Laboratories. And no other product on the market (juice, supplement or otherwise) contains such a supremely bioavailable synergy of micronutrients, phytonutrients, probiotics and proteolytic enzymes, thus making SuperJuice the perfect, all-natural (and more effective) alternative to factory-produced health supplements. The juice is so potent that numerous alternative medicine practitioners from all over the world have already adopted SuperJuice as their primary treatment option for a myriad of chronic diseases and ailments. Greenfield SuperJuice truly is The World's Healthiest Super Juice.

> How were the 6 Functional Formulas derived?

Each Functional Formula in the Greenfield SuperJuice series was meticulously crafted using the philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the oldest existing medical system practiced in the world with over 3000 years of history. Drawing from that long history of artisanal experimentation enabled each ingredient to be selected based on its documented health properties.

[Chinese herbal] compounds either change the composition of gut bacteria for the better or are metabolized by the gut bacteria before being absorbed into the body. After thousands of years, ancient Chinese herbal practices are finally getting the explanation they deserve. It’s the gut bugs that are making use of these herbal compounds first so we can benefit from them.

The Essential formula actually serves as the basis for the other five Functional Formulas; they each contain about 70% Essential by volume. The remaining 30% consists of additional fruits and vegetables that have been aged even longer than the 6 year fermentation period used for the Essential basis. These additional ingredients are what give the other formulas their unique functional properties.

> How does Greenfield SuperJuice heal?

Any effective healing regimen will incorporate some form of detoxification protocol that allows your body to eliminate toxins that are causing you to be ill. Toxins are anything that cause the body harm, which can include bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, processed foods, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, etc. We are in constant contact with these harmful organisms and pollutants. The good news is that the human body possesses a natural ability to detoxify itself. In fact, your body is detoxifying itself all the time, non-stop, through defecation, urination, sweat and even simply breathing. However, when toxins build up in our bodies over time, whether it be due to genetic predisposition, stress or old age, that’s when chronic diseases and ailments start to manifest themselves.

Greenfield SuperJuice is perhaps THE most effective regimen available for inducing whole-body detoxification because it works on multiple levels. Most detox diets and protocols rely solely on probiotics to stimulate detoxification from your gut. With Greenfield SuperJuice, not only does the elevated probiotic residue rebalance your gut microbiota and strengthen your immune system, but the proteolytic enzymes penetrate into your bloodstream and detoxifies your body metabolically. And all this occurs as the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients work in the background to nourish and cleanse your body back to optimal health.

How to Get Started

For general health maintenance (or to combat effects of aging):
It is recommended that you alternate between the different formulas on a monthly basis in order to reap the unique benefits of all 6 Functional Formulas (listed below). Because SuperJuice is such a potent juice blend, simply drinking the minimum recommended serving size of 30mL (~1 fl. oz.) each day is usually enough to give your body the kickstart it needs to find its way back towards homeostasis.

If you are suffering from a specific chronic disease or ailment:
Please refer to the Health Concerns menu for information on how to best combine the formulas to address your specific condition. For those who are suffering particularly debilitating or life-threatening conditions (such as cancer, hemiparesis or impending heart attack) where you don’t have the luxury of time, it is not unheard of to double or even triple the recommended dosage to 60mL or 90mL per serving.


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